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aloha ; residency in hawaii

University of Hawaii,  Manoa Campus Print residency 3.10.2016 -24.12.2016 In December 2016, I undertook a residency at the Honolulu University  through Professor Charles Cohen, Professor of Printmaking at the Department of Art and Art History.  I chose Hawaii because of the lithography and print opportunity but also to experience an island that has a geothermal and subterranean landscape.  Inked Polymer ‘Smart’ plate   using rubbings from the Japanese tea house  at Manoa campus On Maui island, Makawao near Haleakala  National Park. Inside the park,  Haleakala volcanic mountain has been  eroded through the forces of water and time.  On the summit, the clouds are constantly  in motion rising up and creating mist  and cold winds. .   ‘Land is the link between the earth and the sky,  the sea and the clouds, the past and the future. Bernard Narokobi, New Guinea, 1983, Sourced from the Bishop Mu

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